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Difference Between Drum Brake and Disk Brake.



Working Method: A drum brake works on that uses the Friction caused by a set of shoes or pads that press outwards against a rotating part called as the brake drum.

Working Method: It is a type of vehicle break employing the friction of pads against a disk that is attached to the wheel.


2 Heat Dissipation:  Poor heat dissipation
Heat Dissipation: High heat dissipation
3 WEIGHT: Weight is more as it consists of many parts. WEIGHT: Weight is less as it consists of fewer parts as compared to the drum braking system.
4 Self-Locking: A drum brake is self-locking. Self-Locking: A disk brake is not self-locking.
5 Torque transmission time: torque Transmission time Is less in the case of the drum brake  Torque transmission Time: Torque transmission time is high in the case of the disk brake.
6 High-Temperature performance: At higher temperature it’s performance gets reduced High-Temperature performance: At higher temperatures also it’s performance is normal.
7 Wear Of Friction Pads: Nonuniform wear due to curved friction lining Wear Of Friction Pads: Uniform wear due to flat friction pads.
8 Anti-Fade Characteristic: Good anti-fade characteristic. Anti-Fade Characteristic: Better anti-fade characteristic.
9 Maintenance Replacement of the friction pads is difficult and a time-consuming process. Maintenance: Replacement of the friction pads is an easy and fast process.
10 INITIAL Cost:: Initial cost is low INITIAL Cost: Initial cost is high.
11 Effectiveness& Safety: Drum brake is less effective and less safe as compared to the Disk brake. Effectiveness & Safety: Disk brake is more effective and safe as compared to the Drum brake.
12 Application: Mostly the heavy-duty vehicles and normal vehicles have drum brake either at the rear or the front wheel and in some cases, both may have drum brake. Application: Disk brakes are mostly used in high-speed vehicles and modern bikes mostly have disk breaks in them. Normal vehicles do have disk breaks.
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